How I Totally Reverse Diabetes Using A Proven And Effective Natural Method That Attacks The Root Cause of Diabetes, And Not Just The Symptoms”


How I Totally Reverse Diabetes Using A Proven And Effective Natural Method That Attacks The Root Cause of Diabetes, And Not Just The Symptoms”

Dear Diabetic,

I have been battling with diabetes for years until i discovered this little secret I am about to reveal to you and if you have also been a person living with diabetes and you have dreamt for months or years to have it well treated but have not yet succeeded, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s why:

Over the last several couple of months, I have been helping thousands of people living with diabetes to completely reverse the disease. And this is without the use of injections, body – destroying pills and risky therapies.

I want you to be the next person and I will show you how in few minutes. But before I tell you about this secret allow me to ask you this questions…

“Check Out The Amazing Testimony Of Daddy Showkey”

Here is what Daddy Showkey is saying about Purxcel how it helps in regulating his sugar level from 480 to 85 within a short period of time.



Reasons Why You Need This Revolutionary Health Discovery…

  • You’ll be free from painful and annoying insulin injections!

  • You’ll say goodbye to expensive and hard to take medicines that make you feel sick and make you fat!

  • You’ll be free from swallowing tons of supplement pills like an addict!

  • You’ll break away from the constant stress and worry over whether!

  • You’ll remove the anxiety of always watching your blood sugar levels, and watching jealousy as other people eat your favorite foods.

  • And you’ll never ever again feel like a burden or liability to your family and friends.

PUREXCELL: Beyond Glutathione – we are proud to say that we have the world first and only complete Primary antioxidant Formula that is bioavailable and can be absorbed directly by the cells.

The supplement enhances glutathione production in the body which its deficiency is responsible for almost all disease known to science. And glutathione depletion is caused by oxidative stress (free radicals) in the body.

Once there is an increase in the production of glutathione the body recovers the ability to heal itself from any ailment. Purxcel regulate and brings down your sugar level to the state that is perfect.


Okay so with everything I’ve said now, I’m sure the next question on your mind now is.

How Much Is This Amazing Natural Diabetes Therapy Cost You?







However, There Is Something You Should Know…

Right now as I speak, I have only 43 packs left, and this supplement is moving very, very fast!!

But here it the thing; I know you want this Product Right NOW and I also know that if you leave this page now without buying, you might procrastinate about getting it, until you eventually forget.

But I want you to get it, to make sure that happens that is why you have the 4 therapy packages to choose from.

So if you order for the combo pack today, right now, you’ll be getting some bonuses.


I’m running a 48 hours 10% Discount Bonanza as a TEST & SEE bonanza so that you too can see the amazing magical effect of this powerful supplement!

Is Your Diabetes a Serious One?

Then I Have a Super Amazing Option for You!

  • You Can buy the 1 Month Therapy Pack by paying JUST N40,000 OR
  • You Can buy the 2 Months Therapy Pack by paying JUST N70,000 OR
  • You Can buy the 3 Months Therapy for Pack by paying JUST N90,500 


Do You know that if you order this amazing Diabetes therapy today, you get a very amazing mouth watering bonuses that are very amazing and hard to come by?

Check Them Out….


Free Shipping to Any Location In The Country! (Value: N5,000)


Free 24/7 Consultation From Us! (Value N25,000)

To further sweeten the offer, I’m giving you a 2nd FREE Gift (worth $59). While you’re trying PURXCEL Combo Pack ™ for 30 days, you can also call our hotline, where you can ask ANY QUESTION on Diabetes you have and we will waive the N25,000 consulting fees.

And just to make sure that there is no Risk on your part and to prove that this Our Newly Discovered Diabetes Corrective Supplement Works, you are INSURED & COVERED by our…

“No Super Story, Take It TO The Bank,
90 Day Money Back

If You Think N40,000 or N70,000 is Too Much,

Here is something you should know:

When the crisis starts, it comes like a thief in the night… It does not give a warning, It does not give any signals….

You’ll just see the person shaking, and having a strange tingling from the hand.

Then it gets worse.

From N250,000 – N1Million!

And even surgery may not be enough to stop possible future complications.

For instance, you could become.

I just want you to be aware of all the sorts of bad things that can happen to you when you avoid tackling this dreadful disease on time.

That is the hard truth and you know it!

However, it’s Completely Up To You To Make The Right Choice. The way I see it, you have just 2 options.


  • You Ignore All You Have Read, Continue Praying That Diabetes Is Not Your Portion When The Signs Are Clearly Vivid… While You Keep Spending Money On Things That Are Obviously Not Working And Eventually Come Back When This Is More Expensive…


  • Get Purxcel combo pack Right Now, Save Your Health And Live a stress free Life You truly deserve.
But I Know You Are Smart, smarter than just glancing over this amazing over and that is why you will choose option 2 above…
If So, Fill The Form Below to Place an Order for the Natural Diabetes Therapy Today:

100% Satisfaction

Purchase With Confidence…It’s Risk Free!

You read correctly….100% of your money back!!!!!

If you follow the simple, easy instruction for this “DIABETES COMBO PACK”, I personally guarantee you it’ll cure your diabetes, and you’ll regain perfect health.


Cash On Delivery to Home or Office Addresses Available For
Lagos, Abuja & Port-Harcourt Cities ONLY!

Cash On Delivery At Motor Pack Pick Up Points For The Following States, & Cities…

Asaba, Warri, Kaduna, Niger State, Ibadan, Jos, Yenogoa,
Benin City, Umuahia, Uyo, Calabar & Oshogbo.

If your city or state is not listed above, we don’t deliver on cash on delivery. You’ll need to pay for your package and we will ship to you FREE of charge using a first class courier service [DHL or FedEx], to anywhere in Nigeria.

To order via email, fill the form below and press the PLACE MY ORDER button below

NOTE: Make sure your address is well written with full description.

  • Please DO NOT ORDER if you are not ready.
  • Please DO NOT ORDER if you won’t be available within the next 1 – 7 business days.
  • 24 – 48 hours delivery within Lagos and 1 – 7 working days for other states, depending on your location.

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